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Turning the tide on packaging.

Reducing plastic straws and stirrers across our operations is just the beginning.

Reducing Packaging
Reducing single use plastics globally by end of 2022.

Packaging Waste at Critical Mass

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, consumer packaging materials make up more than 30% of landfill waste. The bulk of that is food packaging. The use of plastic packaging in particular contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and negatively affects marine life and ecosystems.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Aramark customers said they are concerned with the overuse of plastics; 83% said they’re trying to reduce their own consumption. Even during the pandemic, consumers remain concerned with the overuse of plastic disposables.

In 2018, we made acommitment to significantly reduce single-use disposable plastics, such as plastic straws, stirrers, bags, cutlery and other packaging across global food operations by 2022. This reduction strategy starts with significantly reducing plastic straws and stirrers, and offering eco-friendly alternatives where possible.

Since 2018, we’ve reduced plastic straws and stirrers by 59%nearly 90 million straws and stirrers.

And we’re proud to be the first food service provider to join theOcean Plastics Leadership Network(OPLN), a pre-competitive forum bringing together NGOs, academia, and industry to address the global plastics crisis.

Recycle, Reuse, Compost

我们也正在努力减少其他一次性解放军stics, and expanding our offerings of reusable products. We continue to provide reusable products where possible across food service operations. Options include reusable tumblers and sports bottles for hot and cold beverages, cutlery sets in a convenient pouch, reusable straws and cleaners, take-out containers and more. And we're partnering with suppliers and national brands to reduce packaging through design and innovation.

Our goal is to eliminate waste before it is generated and creates problems for the environment. In addition to waste minimization, we work with clients to implement recycling programs to further divert waste from landfills globally.

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